Any/All Family Law document preparation services at a flat rate of $300 for petition only. Unlawful Detainer petitions are offered at a flat rate of $500 this includes letters such as 3-day notice to pay or quit or 30 or 60-day notice. The fee does not include court filing fee. Please check your local county court to confirm court filing fee. I will be glad to include a fee waiver to see if you qualify for a fee waiver. My services include document preparation only. There are additional fees for filing document for you at courthouse.

Estoy ofreciendo una tarifa plana de $300 para servicios de documentos legales del tribunal de Familia. Para servicios de desalojo de inquilino, estoy ofreciendo tarifa plana de $500. La tarifa no incluye la cuota de corte por pedimento del caso. Yo puedo incluir una exención de cuotas para ver si usted califica. Mis servicios incluyen la preparación de documentos. Pero no incluye el archivo de documentos en la corte. Para archivar su caso, seria una tarifa mas.

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